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Every once in a while we find ourselves in a state where we are seeking entertainment or escapism but music, films, or just being around people doesn’t cut it. This is where podcasts are the perfect fit. Shoutout to Adam Curry and Dave Winer

But, which ones are worth a listen? Over the past couple of years, the number of podcasts has skyrocketed, and the majority of them are not as good as you wish they were. We, therefore, constructed a list of four podcasts that we personally recommend. Some are related to music or the industry, some are not, yet all pleasant for the ears and mind. Two were picked by the Bound45 crew and the other two were recommended by Chirty and 恵杜 (Keito), who will be making their B45 debut at our upcoming event at MONO on June 16.

Feeling Asian – 恵杜’s (Keito) pick

First up on the list is 恵杜’s (Keito’s) recommendation ‘Feeling Asian‘. A weekly show hosted by Youngmi Mayer and Brian Park, two Asian-Americans who talk about their feelings regarding sex, dating, survival, self-worth, and everything in between. While she enjoyed many of the episodes, 恵杜’s favorite is Positivity And Thinking I Love You (feat. Karen Chee, Late Night With Seth Meyers.

”To be negative and cynical is very easy and comfortable, it’s actually very vulnerable and painful to be positive”, these words really stuck with me when I first heard this episode. I think being positive can sometimes take a lot more energy because it requires a lot of care, confidence, and hope. 

Although I’m still trying to learn how to shift my negative thoughts, I do believe music plays a large role in my positive thinking and brings me joy whenever I feel down. This leads to why I wanted to start DJing and through this, I hope to spread the power of music and bring positive energy to people 🌟

恵杜 (Keito)
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Broken Record

Broken Record, a show by Malcolm GladwellRick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam. A kind of musical variety show, as they put it themselves.

Some episodes offer an in-depth narrative. Others feature mini-performances and interviews with musicians–plus an assortment of “digressions, arguments, back-stories, and random things to disagree with about music.”

In each episode, they interview someone completely unrelated to the artist the week before. This allows the listener to deviate from one particular genre, just the way we like to approach music.

We enjoy the episodes with Rick Rubin the most. It is something about mutual respect and intense love and understanding of and for music that brings a certain touch to the conversations between Rubin and his guest. Our favorite episode is therefore the one with Rubin and no other than Andre 3000.

Great conversations and music for you to enjoy.

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Make Art Not Content – Chirty’s pick

For when you don’t have the patience or time to listen to an entire 45-minute podcast, ‘Make art not content’ is a catchy, refreshing solution. In 8 minutes, The Mystery School covers topics of motivation, mental health, business or history, all in relation to the creative industries. The out-of-the-box editing style adds a lot of dimension, with voice effects and sountracks that immerse you in the listening experience, and make it even more trustworthy. A lot of the tips mentioned are actually lessons I picked up from art school, so whenever they confirm something that I was aware of, I know it’s good content.


Chirty’s favorite episode is to be found below 🙂

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Bakkie Bakkie

Last but definitely not least it’s by far our favorite Dutch podcast ‘Bakkie Bakkie’. A podcast series about the Dutch alternative electronic music industry, made by PIP founder and versatile artist Steven van Lummel together with DJ and radio/podcast-don Justin Verkijk.


Justin and Steven

A podcast with slow talks about fast music, as the hosts say themselves. Every episode, the hosts dive into the lives of their guests. Ranging from well-respected DJs and selectors to essential figures of the back end of the industry. Expect inspiring stories, odd anecdotes, and silly jokes from a bunch of cool folks!

Our favorite episode is the one with DJ CHUCKIE, what a legend. For our non-Dutch-speaking friends, they have an English episode with Seth Troxler.

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Enjoy the shows and we hope to catch you soon at one of our events. This Thursday at MONO, perhaps 🙂