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Recommendations / 07

Algorithms are a defining factor for what we see and do nowadays. However, the feeling of having a friend tell you about something they enjoyed is incomparable to the infinite scroll. That’s what we want to achieve with our Bound45 recommendations series. Some friendly suggestions from us to you, of things we’ve read, seen, and heard. For this edition, we have contributions from Kate and A.L.P., who will be playing at our upcoming event at OASE on the 13th of April.

Theo Parrish In Conversation at High Note

Picked by A.L.P.

The first edition of a new ‘In Conversation’ series at High Note in Naarm (Melbourne, Australia). Watch back the unforgettable night – mediated by Lori – as they discuss processes in DJ’ing, production, collaborations and beyond. Infinite wisdom from the Detroit-based legend, DJ, producer, selector, arranger, keyboard clunker, machine beater, writer, sculptor, car lover, visual artist, lecturer & father. Equal parts hilarious and thoughtful, serious and educational.

Umeko Ando – Upopo Sanke

Picked by Katie

Umeko Ando is one of the most significant singers in Ainu Culture. Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido who have a long history of being discriminated against by Japanese society as Ainu have a particular lifestyle and beliefs. Umeko Ando is known as an activist who devoted her life to preserving Ainu Culture. Although her musical talent bloomed later in her life, Umeko represents her culture and people through sounds as she often collaborated with other Ainu artists and carried out field recordings in the region. Although Umeko passed away in 2004, her cultural recordings have become significantly important to their culture. The album Upopo Sanke was recorded in 2003 at a farm in the Tokachi district in Hokkaido. Upopo Sanke means “Let’s sing a song” in the Ainu language and after 20 years, the album was reissued in 2023. “The lyrics praise the lush nature of the islands. They mention the deity Kamuy, who can appear in the form of animals such as bears or swordfish, and the singers repeatedly ask the audience to dance. Listening to this music can be a meditative experience.” – Bandcamp

Blue Giant (2023)

Besides music, film is another way of delving into a different world. All the better if these two are intertwined, such as in the movie ‘Blue Giant’. This powerful animation about love for Jazz music and following your passion involves enchanting musical scenes composed by Hiromi Uehara, and visually stunning animations that will leave you feeling like you attended an actual concert. It’s making its way into the Dutch cinemas after being a fan favorite at the IFFR, so we highly suggest watching it on a big screen with a powerful sound system, or at home with your headphones on.

Lefto Early Bird with Motherless Father

Picked by A.L.P.

Your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ Lefto presents his 10-track album; “This record feels like the starting point of a new era, which I’m sure a lot of people can relate to what I mean; the tracks I recorded, the ones I’m singing over and the guests i invited have been my way to deal with the pandemic, the motherless child that I am and the father that I am. I call this record a deep pre-club record, one that will give you the energy to go out there and party but with a feeling of letting go of everything.”