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Behind the decks with O;Riordan

Club nights you wanna relive are filled with tunes you don’t recognize, but do remember. When O;Riordan is on the bill expect a musical journey in all directions, with tunes to remember. They’ve paved their own and other’s way in Leiden and helped set-up Maxi Radio. Tonight they’re bringing their musical wizardry to BIT45. For this new Behind The Decks, we digged into their musical pursuits and crates:

You recently opened OffBeat records in Rotterdam (Zwaanshals). What kind of records are you selling here? 

Our store is focused on DJ material but in a broad sense. We have a big selection of 90’s house, electro and techno, but also bins filled with soul/funk/disco, italo and cosmic, 80’s wave and post-punk and styles like jazz, dub and hip-hop. All records are second hand, and there’s something to be found for (nearly) everyone. 

More and more online Radio stations are popping up in Dutch cities. O’;Riordan are tuning in from Leiden – they set up Maxi Radio. Together you’ve brought lots of joy in people’s ears by setting up Maxi Radio. How has this experience of setting up an online radio station been so far?

It’s incredible! It’s a place where we can show and promote local sounds, and Leiden based DJs and selectors. We also had the chance to build a community around the radio station, which helped expand the Leiden scene broader and more connected to scenes in different cities. Together with the rest of the team and all of the amazing volunteers we achieved a lot in the last past years! We’ve just moved to our new studio in the infamous club: Wibar. Here we have a lot of new opportunities, we’re super excited for what is yet to come!

What kind of sounds represent Maxi Radio?

That’s a difficult question, as we have so many different artists we have always different sounds coming out through our stream. So if we’d give an answer it would be an eclectic range of sounds 😉

What’s your ultimate peak time banger?

Our ultimate peaktime banger varies on the night haha! A track that always works is: Jeree Palmer – Late Night Surrender

What’s a record you bring to every gig?

We both take our own bags, so we decided to each name one of our bag favorites 🙂

Tom – Alchemy – Trap (Italy, 1991)

Chris – Ryo Kawasaki & Satellites – Pleasure Garden (US, 1990)

Thanks guys! We’ll see you at BIT45.